Recognition Award for Users


Alteryx wanted a way to award and incentivize their platform users. They came to us looking for a way to create a desktop award that was unique and high quality to ensure that recipients would keep them and new users would want to work towards them. The awards were given out every year, so for the past three years we have helped them create collectable desktop vans.

The vans were designed to mimic a life size van they have in their offices. All of the vans were created using a custom model our team designed and were full color wrapped and 3d printed.

Year 1 - These were modeled after the van that they had custom made in their offices. We had the luggage and surfboards on the roof rack and the same beer taps in the back that they did in the office.

Year 2 - We created a custom sunroof on top, surfboards on the back, and the interior of the bus was custom to match the interior of their office bus. We had the Alteryx sign inside and matching bench seats.

Year 3 - We designed the custom interior again and did a custom camper pop-up tent on the top.