Kitting & Fulfillment

Extend your brand's reach and bring brand awareness to the forefront with custom curated kits that deliver right to your audience's home


Our team will facilitate the entire kitting process, including product design and selection, sourcing, production, and kitting the items together. From there, the items can either be stored or shipped out, either in bulk or as individual shipments.

1. Choose Products

2. Kit Assembly

3. Ship or Store Items


Create the ultimate unboxing experience and elevate your gifting experienced with custom designed packaging. Our team designs and produces custom full color mailer boxes, custom insert trays, luxe high-end gift boxes, along with custom packing tape, printed cards, and other finishings.


We have a network of fulfillment centers with fully equipped warehouses that we partner with to carefully assemble, label and ship out your items both domestically and internationally. Our team manages the fulfillment center and ensures all shipments go out on time, and will provide tracking and updates throughout the process