Austin City Limits

50th Anniversary

2024 commemorates a half-century of musical history as Austin City Limits (ACL) marks its 50th year. As the longest-running music television program, ACL has not only captured the essence of live music but has become an institution in itself, shaping the cultural landscape of music television. To honor this milestone, Austin PBS, launched a traveling activation that encapsulates the spirit of ACL’s inception and evolution over the years.

the inspiration

At the heart of the celebration is the homage to the original stage where it all began, with Willie Nelson’s iconic performance. The traveling activation features a modular trailer showcasing vintage TVs playing pivotal moments from ACL’s history. Jonathon Stevison, Merchandising Director, Austin PBS, described it as an “IG moment with educational activation surrounding,” bridging the gap between nostalgia and contemporary engagement.

the plan


The collection reflected a meticulous blend of nostalgia and innovation, encapsulating the essence of ACL in every item:

Enamel Pins

A nod to ACL’s legacy, these enamel pins serve as collectible mementos, reminiscent of the show’s iconic imagery.


Elevating the standard tee, the private-label designs feature a special simulated process print, intricately detailing ACL’s journey through the decades.


This vibrant full-color diner mug was crafted overseas and features the TV graphic from the collection, adding an everyday staple to the collection.


Crafted with care, the totes boast hand-sewn woven tags, adding a touch of sophistication to everyday carry essentials.

fanny pack

Embracing the resurgence of 90’s trends, the fanny packs feature 3D rubberized emblems and custom-branded straps, making them a coveted accessory for ACL enthusiasts.


Putting a twist on classic promotional products, the koozies incorporate 3D rubberized emblems and playful nods to 90’s slap wristbands, adding a nostalgic charm to beverage essentials.

airport window cling

This custom window cling is featured in a retail pop-up store at the Austin Airport. It tells the story of connecting  50 years of music multistack tv messaging into retail distribution through in-store marketing.