You Look Good Tour


In the world of brand engagement, it is essential to partner with our clients to create unique products that resonate with their audience. Glossier took this concept to the next level with its first-ever traveling activation, spreading the message that “YOU LOOK GOOD.” This activation was not just about the brand; it was a platform for promoting empowerment and education, achieved through a partnership with the non-profit organization IGNITE.


We partnered to create trend right merchandise that evokes a feeling of fun! We then produced and drop shipped to seven different locations where we sorted/packed each item for the tour stops. Then, we shipped as needed along with the activation. Tour stops included Nashville, Columbus and Austin where guests were able to sample and shop Glossier products and merch.


the Product


The screen-printed tees featured YLG-inspired iconography and text in Glossier’s brand colors, making them both fashionable and impactful. For every Tee sold Glossier donated $5 to IGNITE. The Tee was offered in gender neutral sizing to promote inclusivity. 


Designed to pack into itself, these totes were customized with Glossier-themed designs.


Shop the tote here

THE lighter

Glossier opted for BIC lighters, a recognizable brand, and offered them in multiple colorways.

THE 8-ball keychain

These custom keychains featured a G imprint, a Glossier key tag fixed to the key ring and unique responses, adding an element of surprise!


Glossier’s YOU LOOK GOOD TOUR demonstrated an engagement that inspired, empowered, but most of all brought people together through creative and thoughtful initiatives. This activation not only made people look good with trend-right branded products but feel good too, and that is a testament to the power of a brand with a purpose.