ManyChat Conversations 2020


Our client, ManyChat, was hosting their annual conference and like many other companies had to pivot to a virtual event in lieu of their traditional in-person event format. In addition to creating a unique kit that would engage attendees, the immediate challenge for the project was creating exclusivity so that not just anyone visiting the ManyChat store could check out with the special giveaway items. We had to determine how to create a secure checkout, handle multiple shipping carriers, and facilitate international shipments, all while keeping the process as seamless and easy as possible for event attendees and our client.


Our sales team worked with the client to create a VIP mystery swag kit for the event attendees with a certain ticket level. In order to contact these ticket holders, ManyChat provided our team with a list of guests who were eligible, and our team used email campaigns to notify the recipients of the gift box that was waiting for them and send them their exclusive link.

Our team also created multiple portals on Shopify, which led to password protected items where eligible attendees could enter their access code to checkout and order their items. These items were hidden from ManyChats standard company store, and only accessible via the protected link in order to keep it exclusive to the event.


During the production time of about 3-4 weeks, our team managed customer service for any inbound inquiries from the event attendees about their gift boxes or shipping, and managed fulfillment and weekly waves of shipments. Our team produced mystery swag kits, water bottles, hoodies, t-shirts, and awards for the event, leaving event attendees excited about the event and keeping ManyChat top of mind every time they use their new swag!