Sep 20

Emerging Trend
Neon Signs

Neon signs are all the buzz! Light up any room or surface with your brand in any shape or size. A neon sign can completely transform any indoor space by bringing in the light of the sun. These signs can be made with or without a backing, to hang on a wall, or on a stand for a desk or a table. Choose from a variety of colors for the bulb. Each sign comes with screws for an easy installation, a plug that can be used in any power outlet, and a branded bag with set up instructions.

These neon signs are carefully crafted from scratch using LED lights. The benefits of LED lights are that they do not heat up and are 80% more energy efficient than standard light bulbs. Additionally, these neon signs can be made to use both indoors and outdoors, have an easy installation, and can be made to be dimmable, allowing you to select the perfect lighting for any time of day or night.