Jan 18

New Hire Kit 101

What exactly is a New Hire Kit? A New Hire Kit is a few curated items branded with your company logo put together in a box or a bag to gift to new employees!

Whether you’re back in the office or you’re hiring remotely (like our team), New Hire Kits are a great way to make employees feel welcome and excited to join the team.

According to Forbes, “Over 80% [of employers] said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, with 48% saying gifting delivered a substantial benefit. Chief among the benefits gained was making the recipient feel valued” And New Hire Kits can establish that valued feeling from the first beginning of their employment.

So now that you know why you should create new hire kits, here’s how!

Step 1: Determining Your Needs  

Telling us your quantity, budget and timeline is a great first step and will help us help you. These factors along with letting us know what the kit will be used for will allow us to be able to select appropriate products for your needs.

Step 2: Product & Packaging Selection 

After we know your needs, we are able to compile products that will work best for your kit. Along with product, packaging is also a determining factor that allows for extra ways to showcase your brand.

Step 3: Design 

After products have been selected for your kit, our in-house design team will create virtual mockups and proofs that will allow you to see your products come to life before they are produced.

Step 4: Approvals & Production 

When the products and proofs are approved, it’s time to get the kits into production! Our production team will ensure kitting & fulfillment runs smoothly and will keep you informed until your kits are delivered.

New Hire Kits are a great way to make new employees feel welcome. They promote longevity and create excitement and inclusion. Contact us to get your New Hire Kits started today!