Jun 25

Good for the Planet, Swag Lab
Out of the Woods

Partnering with Whitestone, your company can fully customize any bag from the Out of the Woods collection. Put your logo on an eco-friendly tote to showcase your company’s mission towards a more sustainable world. Using heat transfer technologies, Team Whitestone can fully customize these bags to impress your customers and deliver them the most sustainable branded bag!

Meet the tote you'll take everywhere! The Out of the Woods totes & cooler bags are perfect for picking up groceries, taking to the shops, or simply going about your day. They are designed to be lightweight enough to throw in a suitcase, yet durable enough to carry everything from a change of clothes for the beach to a few of your favorite novels.

Out of the Woods delivers an eco-friendly approach to handbags, designing washable bags, coolers, and totes that are durable enough to outlast the trends. Their mission is to reduce the negative impact on the environment by developing lasting products made of better materials. Out of the Woods bags are made from Supernatural Paper™. Supernatural Paper™ is made from trees - tree cellulose, that is - and bonded to make it durable and washable, giving it supernatural qualities and being more sustainable than traditional materials such as leather or cotton.