Dec 9

Spark Creativity with Custom Candles

At Whitestone, our motto is that “No Two Stones are Alike.” We designed a candle that embodied this philosophy.

Every element to the candle was custom designed to reflect our core philosophy.

Spark creativity this year with a custom candle from Whitestone!


The terrazzo pattern from the exterior shipping box was included on the candle wrap as well, in the lighter shade. The bottom of the candle is equipped with a QR code that leads to the Whitestone website. The candle has notes of cotton and sandalwood to inspire mindfulness and creativity.


No gift is complete without a personalized note. We took the designs from our candle, our logo, and our inspiration to craft a note card that was sent with every candle.


The candle is securely packaged in a custom box that was made to fit the candle snuggly with foam cushioning. A magnetic closure gives the box an elevated feel. Wrapped with our custom imagery to showcase that “No Two Stones are Alike.”


The candle is delivered to the recipient in a custom designed shipper box. The box displays our terrazzo pattern, a pattern inspired by broken pieces of pottery and stone. The inside of the shipping box is stuffed with white and silver crinkle, to keep the candle secure and for a delightful unboxing experience.


At Whitestone, we are inspired by creativity everyday with the unique products we create. We created this candle to showcase how we take a theme and turn it into a product.

1. SCENT: Sandalwood & Cotton

2. WAX COLOR: Ivory

3. EXTERIOR ARTWORK: Whitestone Terrazzo Pattern

4. CUSTOM PACKAGING: Whitestone Lava Lamp Pattern& Foam Inserts