Jul 27

Featured Product

Within the branded merchandise industry, tech products are amongst the most desired commodities, quickly gaining traction across the board.


Leveraging the potential of wearable technology – the exclusive Tap Tee by Threadfast Apparel is a true definition of tech infusion. The unisex 180NFC Tap Tee is a revolutionary t-shirt, which features an NFC chip* on the left sleeve, allowing customers to connect with a personalized digital experience with a simple tap of the phone. Interaction supreme! Tap the NFC chip with your smartphone to launch a website, app, video, or social media post programmed with your unique experience. Tech is now officially infused with the everyday tee. 

Enjoy a signature retail fit with an ultra-soft feel made from sustainable cotton. Threadfast Apparel is a forerunner in the industry, staying ahead of the curve with its focus on quality comfort, environmental impact, and now, technology. We’ve yet to encounter a more innovative product. A t-shirt that magnifies your brand with its tangible custom design and builds out your digital experience, which can evolve over time.

What Makes Tap Tee Different

With timeless appeal and superior quality that has become synonymous with Threadfast, the NFC Tap Tee seamlessly blends its 180A classic style with an unprecedented level of functionality. Embrace the original while pushing the boundaries of possibilities with one simple item – easily programmable using the TFA NFC Connect App.

Break It Down

NFC Technology has opened up a world of endless possibilities, revolutionizing how people engage with apparel. Target your market. Assemble your digital media. Program the chip. And experience innovation at its finest. Are you ready? This tee is ready to be tapped.