Team Whitestone headed to Austin, TX for our 2022 annual company offsite gathering. With staff traveling in from around the country, we wanted to gift them with a kit that would bring them the feeling of Texas upon arrival. Additionally, our team is a young, fun, millennial company, and we needed our swag to match our vibe. We pulled both of these factors together and came up with the theme for our kit: disco-cowboy, which plays off of the music scene in Austin and the Texas culture.


As a branded merchandise company, we had to guarantee the swag we gave to our own staff was top of the line and custom made. Additionally, we chose to include useful products that staff would be sure to take home and reuse. We chose products that were high end, necessary for the events at our offsite, and could be custom designed. We began with a mood board full of bright colors and Austin artwork, then narrowed down our product selection to the most useful items.



What’s better than matching with your team? We selected a classic concert t-shirt with our cowboy design on front for our team to wear at our field day event. The bright banana yellow shirt color brought a cheerful vibe to the day.

The names and location of the staff are imprinted on the back to mimic tour dates, with locations beginning with NYC (our original location) and listed in order towards the west.


With so much swag, the staff needed a way to carry it all! This tote held all of their new goodies and was functional to travel with.

Every inch of the bag was thought through, from the cute Austin imprints to the pocket containing our WhitestoneFest custom design.


On the first morning of the trip, our own Emily Goddu hosted a yoga session prior to our company wide meeting. Because a yoga mat has a hefty weight and is awkward to travel with, we opted for a premium Towel!

The towels were also used at our lakeside team bonding activity.

This towel design mimics a mood board for the whole collection, along with the commemorative logo and date.


With the hot temps of Texas, hydration is key in Austin. We included this brand new premium tumbler to save the day.

Nudes and Natural colorways have been very on trend so we opted for a sand tone that’s decorated with a tonal wrap imprint which includes our custom design.


A notebook is essential for any offsite. Our team planned their Q4 goals on the crisp pages of their new notebook.

For the design, we went with a full color image of downtown Austin with an overlay and our favorite Austin slogan – Keep Austin Weird.

With full color tip-in pages, we were able to include a welcome to Austin letter from our CEO, our itinerary, and a best of Austin page with suggestions from our local Austin based teammates.


The bandanas were included to be used at our team bonding day to separate the team into groups.

The bandana includes the bull design, and has Whitestone wrapping the image in the rope font, tying in the Texas feel.


The keychain was designed to replicate a retro motel keychain.

Our cowboy image is on the front side, with the year of our offsite on the back side.


We kept our team full with trail mix and pretzels that included our custom designs on the packaging. 


Even our tiniest of swag gifts were able to be customized.

We selected a root beer flavored lip balm and included the slogan “rootin’ tootin’ root beer to give our lip balm a Texas feel.

We included hand sanitizer to help our staff stay healthy on the trip, and used the bull design from the bandanas for the imprint.

The same imagery from the notebooks is used on the sunglasses cloth, giving our entire swag kit a cohesive feel.

Want to make your own offsite as rootin’ tootin’ as ours?? Check out our blog on How to Build an Offsite


The staff were given their swag bags upon check in to the hotel. The T-shirts were worn throughout the trip, the notebooks were used to jot goals for the upcoming quarter, the tumblers kept us hydrated through our yoga session, and the Whitestone pups are now wearing their new bandanas!