Mar 27

10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Company Store

Are you looking for ways to streamline your company’s swag and promotional products process? Look no further than a company store from Whitestone. In today’s global and remote work environment, an online swag closet is the perfect solution to keep all of your branded products in one place. With a dedicated representative, a streamlined order process, clear reporting, and budget allocations, opening a company store can save your business time, money, and resources. In this blog, we’ll discuss ten reasons why your business needs a company store from Whitestone.


1. Online Swag Closet

When you open a company store with Whitestone, all of your branded products are held online. Gone are the days of using a large storage closet to hold all of your swag. With so many companies working remotely and having employees across the globe, it is much easier to have employees browse and ship the swag online rather than at one location. 


2. Dedicated Representative

As soon as you begin working with Whitestone, you are assigned a dedicated representative. This rep is out in the market keeping up with all of the retail brands and latest products, while having your brand guidelines and needs in mind. They have a strong understanding of the latest trends and are always recommending new products for your business to consider. No need to waste time scanning through pages of catalogs. 

3. Streamlined Order Process

Ordering your swag from the online store couldn’t be any easier. If you can shop on amazon, you can use our company stores! Your store can be stocked with multiple items, sizes, and silhouettes of your favorite products. This makes gifting for team events or post meeting kits a breeze.


4. Reporting

Our online stores have a clear reporting system which gives your business better visibility into what your employees are ordering and what is low on inventory. You will never miss a milestone with inventory management from Whitestone. Tell us your bare minimum for each product and we will automatically reorder when that item is low. 


5. Internal Marketing

Having a company store makes it so easy to send new hire kits. Either give your new hires a code to redeem their kit, or set a budget for the hiring department to send their kits when a new hire is onboarded. New hire kits are an essential way to make employees feel welcomed to the team.

6. Brand Champions

Whitestone becomes your brand champions when you open a company store with us. We are often working cross-divisionally and can keep you informed on what other departments are ordering. We also can ensure that brand guidelines are being upheld across departments and locations. We become your centralized hub for how your brand shows up in the market. 

7. Ready to Go Templates

A convenient part of opening a company store is that the templates for your brand guidelines are already ready to go. We can easily place new orders and reorders without needing to gather all new templates. This saves on set up fees for the decorators. 

8. Budget Allocations

Set up your team (and your accounting team) for success with budget allocations. Through assigning budgets to individuals or departments, you can have control and oversight into your team’s spending – whether that’s a Team Budget for a Quarter, or an Individual’s budget for the month. 


9. An HR Partner

We become an extension of your HR department when you open a company store with Whitestone. We assist with employee gifting, client gifting, new hire kits, and awards and recognition. 

10. Redemption Sites

Seasonal drops or annual event gifting can be held on our online stores through redemption sites. These sites allow you to open a site for a certain time period, allowing recipients to make a product choice, size selection, and address collection a breeze. Redemption sites make it easier to promote events and choose gifts for special occasions.