Oct 10

Whitestone Surf Club Collaboration: Chameleon Like

At Whitestone, we believe in creating and gifting unique items that deliver more than just a product—they provide a personalized experience. When considering items for our Whitestone Surf Club merch, we chose products that aligned with our Surf Club theme and the highlighted trends of 2023, as well as items that would be practical and useful during our team activities and offsite events.

the journal

Our custom eco-friendly offsite journals were created in collaboration with our brand partner, Chameleon Like. Crafted from sustainable materials with recycled paper, our journals came customized with a personalized note, Surf Club-themed stickers, and a San Diego map of local favorites — sustainable surf style in one exceptional journal book.


Chameleon Like is a B-Corp-certified company that prioritizes sustainability, ethical practices, and positive social and environmental impact. At Whitestone, we strive to work with brand partners whose mission and values align with ours, and Chameleon Like’s actions perfectly reflect their values.


With the quality Paperzen Perfect Bound Journal, our brand team was able to bring our creative designs to life with their custom-made options. Chameleon Like offers a wide range of sizes and varieties to choose from, ensuring that we found the perfect journal for our needs.


  • Chameleon Like 5×7” Paperzen Perfect Bound Journal
  • Lightweight, washable, and made from sustainable “jeans tags” material
  • Whitestone Surf Club hot stamp imprint on front, back, and spine
  • 4 custom full-color inserts, including a note from our president, a map of San Diego favorites, and a sticker page!

Our Whitestone Surf Club journal was the perfect companion for our beach-vibe offsite activities. It’s durable, sustainable, and stylish—the elevated way to “write” the wave.