Feb 28

Trend Forecast 2023: Good for the Planet

The promotional products industry is not often an industry that is thought of as being environmentally friendly. In fact, there were a few articles that have surfaced in the past that pointed out how harmful meaningless tchotchkes and giveaways are, leading to the “brand-fill.” At Whitestone, we recognize the damage that unthoughtful, useless swag items can be to the environment, and we are dedicated to combat this.

We believe that the best way to fight the brand-fill and promotional product waste problem is to create products that have longevity. It is our goal to source, design, and curate products that you never want to get rid of. We are committed to designing high quality, practical products that will be reused year after year.

One of the ways to ensure a product is making a positive impact on the environment is by understanding the material it is made from. As efforts to become a more sustainable world rise, more and more materials made from unique and reusable items are being formed. There are now shirts made from reused coffee grinds, notebooks made from stone, and leather made from recycled apple peels. As these products are being reused and transformed into a new product, the environmental impact of several industries decreases.



Felt, Bamboo, Stone, Apples, Cork, Bio Plastics & Wood

In the past, eco-friendly products meant ordering products in various shades of brown or tan. With the sustainable innovations that we are seeing in 2023, being eco-friendly no longer means you need to be brown! These improvements now allow for full color prints, enhanced decoration methods, and color variations on eco-friendly materials.

Swag Cycle

We are mindful of swag that may be outdated or from a previous employer, and we don’t want any of that ended up in a landfill. We partner with Swag Cycle to recycle and repurpose old swag. 

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Consumers are becoming more interested in buying products that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. This has created a rise in the creativity that exists in the environmentally friendly market. It is our goal at Whitestone to work to reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainable choices for our clients.

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