ABOUT THE BRAND: Parker pens are exquisitely crafted fine writing instruments with a rich history of innovation and belief in the importance of the written word. Our experts have dedicated themselves to the art of fine writing, using 130 years of history to develop new Parker pens that reflect modern culture while remaining true to […]


ABOUT THE BRAND: Since our earliest days, Cross has rewritten the rules for putting pen to paper. Our founder Richard Cross was a passionate champion of writing as an art form – a personally rewarding experience worthy of distinguished, expertly-crafted tools. When he established the A.T. Cross Company in Providence, Rhode Island in 1846, he […]


ABOUT THE BRAND: We believe big ideas don’t have to be single-use. And thanks to the limitless digital age, our thoughts can now be organized and shared with the power of the cloud. But that doesn’t mean the most important part of cognition, the original handwritten note, has to leave a paper trail. While Rocketbook […]


ABOUT THE BRAND: We love good, beautiful things – and in particular writing instruments that are so good that they become constant companions, at home, in the office and on the road. The question, “Can I have my pen back?”, is the largest compliment that can be paid to them. Once you have one, you […]


ABOUT THE BRAND: At Moleskine we believe in the timeless power of handwriting as an essential expression of human civilization, a powerful act to unleash human genius and foster the development and sharing of literacy and knowledge. In a fast-paced technological era, we proudly celebrate the artistry of the human touch; the enduring pleasure of […]