10-Year Tote

ANNUAL KIT THE INSPIRATION Whitestone Celebrates 10 Years  In 2023, Whitestone is proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary. This milestone inspired the creation of the Whitestone 10-Year Anniversary Campaign, which recognizes our success as a business over the past ten years and will be highlighted throughout this monumental year. The campaign focuses on Whitestone’s achievements […]

Whitestone Surf Club

2023 OFFSITE the vibe Team Whitestone Surfs the Wave in San Diego!  When you think of Southern California, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Ocean air, soothing waves, and the Beach Boys playing “Surfin’ U.S.A.”!   That’s why Team Whitestone headed to San Diego for our annual company offsite. After an incredible experience […]


CUSTOM KIT Introducing the Jetsetter Kit – a staple kit at Whitestone that has been revamped and upgraded to offer an even more elevated experience.The Whitestone Jetsetter Kit is designed to ensure that your travel experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.    Originally developed in 2019 as an example of our kitting capabilities, […]

Back to the 90’s

CUSTOM KIT THE INSPIRATION The 1990s were a transformative time in culture and fashion, and it is no surprise that the nostalgia for this era is still inspiring trends today. It was a time of experimentation, individualism, and expression through fashion, music, and art. The fashion trends of the 90s were unique and memorable, with […]


2022 OFFSITE THE INSPIRATION Team Whitestone headed to Austin, TX for our 2022 annual company offsite gathering. With staff traveling in from around the country, we wanted to gift them with a kit that would bring them the feeling of Texas upon arrival. Additionally, our team is a young, fun, millennial company, and we needed […]

Camp Whitestone

WHITESTONE CUSTOM KIT THE PROJECT For our 2021 seasonal kit, our team created Camp Whitestone. We wanted this kit to feel nostalgic like the days of meeting back up with your camp friends after a long year apart. To stay in line with our theme and show off some of the custom capabilities we offer, […]

Out of this World

WHITESTONE CUSTOM KIT THE PROJECT In the spring of 2020 we wanted to create a kit for our clients to express the extreme gratitude we had towards them for sticking with us in unprecedented times. Out of This World ended up being one of our most fun kits, and we were able to showcase some […]

Good Fortunes

WHITESTONE CUSTOM KIT THE PROJECT The team at Whitestone put out one of our signature seasonal customer appreciation kits to celebrate the New Year. Going along with the theme “Wishing you Good Fortune in the New Year”, we curated a selection of custom products to surprise and delight our customers including custom socks, a bento […]

Fly Away WIth Us

WHITESTONE CUSTOM KIT THE PROJECT In the summer of 2019, Whitestone released our latest and greatest seasonal prospecting kit. Along with other campaigns, we send these kits out to start a brand partnership with a new client! Our goal (as always) is to surprise and delight the user with a wide variety of items that […]

Pizza Prospecting

WHITESTONE CUSTOM KIT OPTION ONE: PIZZA PARTY Get out and meet your prospects where they work, and show up with a hot fresh pie, in an effort to get a “Slice Of Their Time”. This option is the only one involving real pizza! It is by far and away the most effective, from our experience. […]