Jun 20

Brand Spotlight
Empowering Diversity and Inclusivity

Supporting minority-owned brands is crucial for promoting diversity, inclusivity, and economic empowerment. By actively choosing to encourage and promote these businesses, together, we foster a more equitable society and help to create a thriving entrepreneurial landscape for all.


Below is a series of minority and women-owned businesses whose quality products align with quality people and purpose-driven missions.

totally bamboo

First in Quality. First in Design. First in Bamboo – Totally Bamboo is a family-owned company in San Marcos, California. With the awareness that bamboo is better for the planet and stronger than maple, a line of solid products was born. For the past 28 years, founders, Tom and Joanne Sullivan, have sought to continually innovate. Since the inception of their one-of-a-kind bamboo cutting board, they’ve led by example and continue to create these masterfully crafted boards, along with beautifully designed bowls, clever utensils, and smart storage solutions.


If you have not yet heard of Quashies, we’re telling you now. Quashies is the creator of the original custom-printed hair ties, along with other singular accessories and solution products, like wristbands and scrunchies. Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, Quashies’ focus is to bring value to their clients through the quality USA-made products they offer. 


Paravel. Or should we say, “the best of the best luggage.” A travel-inspired brand with sustainability at the core of everything they do, Paravel calls adventurers to explore new heights via their beautifully designed, multifunctional, sustainable bags, luggage, and accessories. With items like their flagship carbon-neutral Aviator suitcase, Paravel is leading the eco-conscious mission with their commitment to using 100% upcycled and recycled materials. We’re following suit. 

nguyen coffee supply

Per The Wall Street Journal, THIS is “the underdog coffee bean that java snobs hate is finally getting some respect”. Nguyen Coffee Supply has certainly made its mark on the map with their specialty Vietnamese brew — one that has coffee enthusiasts waiting in line and waking up on time (finally). Ahh, the aroma of perfection in a mug. 

dagne dover

Mindful and smart, Dagne Dover offers the perfect work bags guaranteed to keep you organized from home to work and back again. These perfect work bags to keep you organized all day. Bring out your successful suave self with these handy work totes that can play, too. We think this is simply fantastic. 


For over 30 years, LAT Apparel has been pleasing crowds with its high-quality blank apparel items – manufactured for both people and pets! At LAT Apparel, their continued investment is in individuals and the apparel they make, with a commitment to offering only the best clothing items for you and me and Frank, your puppy. 


For three generations, Redwood Classics Apparel has been Canada’s leading boutique manufacturer of retail items and branded merchandise. Redwood Classics has a candid approach to the items they make, striving to provide customers with the highest level of quality available. From the fabric used to cutting, sewing, private labeling, dyeing, washing, embroidery, screen printing, packing and shipping – their entire process combines traditional, handcrafted practices with state-of-the-art technology. Amazing. 


Since 1998, IndicusBag has been supplying and decorating canvas bags made in both India and the United States. They are a one-stop shop for eco-friendly products and decoration services. Their sustainable canvas bag options help to encourage an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing quality, green items that make both people and our planet happy. 


Based out of Georgetown, TX, Groline is a women-owned gem that’s been operating for over forty years. With unique items like eco-friendly seed bombs, birdhouses, and curated gift boxes, Groline sets itself apart in the most idyllic way. With an emphasis on wellness and creativity, their green flair is resonant in all of their offerings from trees, succulents, flowers, vegetables, and herbs to sensuous bath salts and soaps. Much love!