Apr 25

Trend Forecast 2023: Interactive Promo

Live events are back in full swing in 2023, and with them comes an increased demand for interactive, on-demand promotional items. People are eager to get back to live experiences and connect with others in meaningful ways. This desire for interaction has led to a new way of promoting brands and products at events.


Experiential events and promotional products are becoming more intertwined. Brands are realizing the importance of creating engaging and memorable experiences for their customers. These experiences can take many forms, from interactive displays to immersive environments that evoke all five senses. By creating these types of experiences, brands are able to forge deeper connections with their customers and keep their brand top of mind long after the event is over.

One way brands are achieving this is through the use of promotional products. These items are no longer just t-shirts or keychains with a logo slapped on them. Instead, they are becoming an integral part of the event experience. Brands are now creating custom products that are designed to be interacted with or experienced in a unique way


For example, companies like RAEN are offering personalized services such as custom fitting sunglasses. Similarly, leather companies like Wooly Made are hosting on-site activations that allow participants to personalize their wallets or belts with custom branding. To leave a lasting impression, some brands are even using Swag Vending Machines that dispense their products, adding a fun and interactive element to their events.

The key is to create a promotional product that is not only useful or aesthetically pleasing, but also enhances the overall event experience. By doing so, brands can create a lasting impression and keep their products and services top of mind for attendees.