Jan 14

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The Essential Promotional Products

Over the past ten years, Whitestone has worked with thousands of companies producing their branded merchandise. Throughout all the orders, there have been a few consistent products that businesses always request to order. We’re reviewing the top 5 essential branded products that every brand should have.


Hats are one of the best pieces of promotional products to add your logo to because everyone wears them! Whether on the golf course or at the grocery store, hats are seen everywhere, and with your brand logo front and center, your brand gets noticed. Additionally, hats are one of the more affordable products to purchase for your business, allowing you to buy more of them and increase your brand awareness. People love hats and typically remember the company that gifted them an awesome piece of headwear.


Another essential product to add your logo to is a tumbler because everyone uses them as a practical way to keep beverages hot or cold. They are also a sustainable way to spread brand awareness. People keep their tumblers because of their durability, so when adding your logo to a tumbler, you can be confident that it won’t be thrown away. People also take their tumblers with them while on the go, which will increase the impressions that your logo receives.


Every brand should have a tote with their logo on it. Tote bags are meant to be used outside of the house, and with an imprint area that is so large, your logo won’t be missed when people are out and about. They are also a very affordable accessory that will never be out of style. With the push of sustainability and many grocery stores banning the use of plastic bags, tote bags are more essential than ever.

Journals & Pens

Every brand needs custom journals and pens for their staff and customers to use. When hosting a business meeting, using branded pens and journals helps to elevate your brand image. Additionally, pens and journals are affordable, have quick and easy production times, and can be given away to anyone who interacts with your brand. People are always needing to jot down ideas, and with branded pens and journals, your business can stay top of mind.

Tech Accessories

From Airtags to speakers, tech accessories are one of the most popular items that companies buy for their brand. Tech accessories are high value products that attract customers to your brand by informing them that you are a trendy brand. Not only are tech accessories super fun, they can be practical solutions to problems that your customers are having, and they will think of your brand and thank you in return, hopefully with new business or referrals!