Dec 12

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Top Products of 2022


Keeping up with the style and fashion trends of 2022, one of our most commonly ordered custom products was the bucket hat. The bucket hat is a great fashion accessory to showcase that your brand is on top of the current trends. With the ability for complete customization from the logo on the front to the interior fabric, you can go wild with design to wow your recipient and be remembered!


The sleek but youthful look of glass can cups made for another popular product this year. The glasses are the perfect size to hold an iced coffee, soda, or a beer. Drinkware is always a popular product to add a brand logo to, and the can glasses were this year’s top choice. With a completely customized glass can cup, your brand will be remembered around the fire pit or when saying “Cheers” at a party.


With so many people returning back to traveling this year, Air Tags were one of our most requested products. They’re small enough to stick in a suitcase and smart enough to keep track of luggage around the world. Plus, adding your brand logo to the tag is an easy way to be remembered and the carrying strap can be customizable with a material and color of your choice.


Who doesn’t love a great, fun pair of socks? Clients are often wanting to gift apparel for their staff or customers, but don’t always know everyone’s sizing. Custom socks are the perfect solution! Select your brand coloring and add your logo to have your brand be thought of with every step.


Bluetooth speakers are always a popular product. They are terrific for listening to music anywhere you go, which is perfect for the remote working world that so many companies are now in. Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be imprinted with your logo. Your brand will be thought of everytime a favorite song is played!