Jun 20

Trend Forecast 2023: Outdoor Elements

In a world where technology often occupies our lives, there is an amplified thirst to be outside, amongst the trees, enjoying fresh air and sunshine. People are seeking opportunities to connect in nature, finding inspiration away from the screen, in the great outdoors; an inclination that has stylistically made its way into mainstream attire and accessories. Outdoor elements make a subtle yet bold statement, seamlessly merging with product design.


By incorporating nature-inspired prints, such as birchwood, marble, and leaf patterns, we recognize the unique synergy between our natural world and the items we wear and use at home. This growing trend outwardly displays our desire to spend more time with Mother Nature, while promoting sustainability and environmental awareness in one suave trend.

Nature-Inspired Prints: A Chic Statement 

Infusing natural prints into branded merchandise and apparel has created a captivating integration between the outdoors and our everyday lives. From clothing to home decor, the tone is modest and contemporary. Think: product design imitating tree bark textures with earthy hues, made of natural components, like bamboo and wood pulp. The outdoor essence offers a sense of calm and groundedness with its unassuming yet elegant candor. Whether it’s custom grain furniture, bamboo sunglasses, or marble-patterned outerwear, these designs remind us of the simple beauty found all around us. Take a walk in the forest and get inspired!

Innovative Design and Sustainable Materials

Nature’s influence extends beyond visual aesthetics to the importance of using sustainable materials and renewable resources. Drawing on inspiration from the organic patterns found in the world we call home, designers are more often leaning toward eco-friendly alternatives, including linen, cork, and organic cotton. In doing so, products and apparel are made to be both eye-catching with their natural appeal and also sustainable with an earth-conscious foundation in the items’ making. A two-in-one here with style and sustainability. We like to call these: products with a purpose. 

Organic Demure and Subtle Aesthetic

Another upside of this 2023 trend – the subtle aesthetic and organic demure that is perfect for accommodating any repertoire, space, or occasion. Nature-inspired designs are universally tasteful and offer an easy way to add a bit of refinement – from your outfit to your office space. When it comes to soothing aesthetics, outdoor influences – in whatever form they take –  allow people to incorporate a harmonious symmetry between nature and modern life. Peace and pleasure. Home and nature. It’s a “balance” fashion to keep.

The infusion of outdoor elements is a trend that encourages the outside-in. From wood textures to plant patterns, nature-inspired designs highlight the dynamic ways in which our environment influences innovative design, ecoconsciousness, and individual style. We understand why this trend is in, and we’re venturing out to breathe the fresh air.