Aug 28

Trend Forecast 2023: Tech Infusion

From activity trackers to wellness wearables, the booming tech-infusion trend is ubiquitous and fortunately, style and personalization have not been missed. Innovative brands are staying ahead by keeping tech-infused gear fashionable and invisibly smart. Elevate your products with technology and watch your clients’ experience come alive. Wearable tech, app integration, and sustainable technology that gives back are gaining traction and growing exponentially. The time for the future is now.  

Wearable Tech

Fashionable tech and smart clothing have become a prominent apparel trend in 2023. Soft, invisibly smart wearables are the highlight, as technology that fits seamlessly into your wardrobe is quickly becoming the style of choice. Furthermore, your wearable tech items are now a reflection of your lifestyle, a statement equally as valuable as the apparel you wear. 

Smart Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer

Enter generation now – Ray-Ban®’s retro shades are going modern with the infusion of technology into sunglasses. From the rock revolution of the ‘60s, to the art scene of the ‘80s, to the forefront of hip-hop culture – Wayfarer has become an enduring icon across decades. Now the journey continues with the latest in wearable tech. Ray-Ban® Stories Wayfarer integrates the best of your phone with the timeless frame, bringing you a new way to capture and share your adventures.

Wireless Connect: The NFC TAP Tee

Leveraging the potential of wearable technology – the exclusive Tap Tee by Threadfast Apparel is a true definition of tech infusion. The unisex Tap Tee is a revolutionary t-shirt, which features an NFC chip on the left sleeve, allowing customers to connect with a personalized digital experience with a simple tap. Interaction supreme! Tap the NFC chip with your smartphone to launch a website, app, video, or social media post programmed with your unique experience. Tech is now officially infused with the everyday tee. Read more here

Accessorize: Bandolier’s Luxe Tech Accessory

Sleek tech-infused accessories are in vogue, and the world of high fashion is making wearable technology aesthetically desirable and putting a luxe take on commonplace basics. The Riley AirPod Pouch is one such example – a stylish and chic solution for that easy-to-lose AirPod case. This brand-name tech pouch is designed to carry your AirPods and tuck them away when not in use to keep them charged. No more misplacing!

Prioritize Wellness: The OURA Ring

Introducing the health-tracking device that wraps around your finger – the Oura Ring. This wearable tech masterpiece is the most trusted smart ring on the market, tracking your sleep, activity, and recovery with one sleek, comfortable, and incredibly accurate device. Your health, your style, your way. That’s the motto of this ring and the makers behind it. Available now, Oura’s innovative smart ring makes it easy to keep your health a daily priority. Read more here

Stay Connected: App Integration

The design initiative around wearable apps and interfaces is a major opportunity. This is where wearable users interact with the product and get the most value out of the tech-infused UI experience. And with the prominence of AI, wearable technology will only continue to advance and become more precise and personalized. In other words, products’ seamless connection to what you’re wearing, who you’re connected to, and how you’re wirelessly communicating across space is going to be the new norm. Apps have transitioned from food delivery and dating to wellness tracking and health monitoring. 

TAP Digital Business Cards

TAP into one-of-a-kind technology with premium TAP Business Cards. Instantly share contact info, social media profiles, portfolio samples, and more. Enhance your brand and make your message memorable with the tech-savvy Elify TAP series. Innovative, customizable, and made especially for you. Tech and business go hand-in-hand with one quick tap. Modern networking made easy!

SPOT technology: track with spotscout

Fear lost luggage no more! With Spot’s new two-way Bluetooth® tracker and luggage tag, SpotScout is the perfect travel companion. A combination luggage tag and tracker with Bluetooth® wireless technology ensures you stay connected to your most important travel pieces. The customized app will tell you when your bag has arrived safely and increase its signal as it gets closer. Bonus: A tree is planted for every order placed. Tech at its best. 

Go Green: Tech Give-Back

When tech-infused products and eco-friendly brands conjoin, the mission becomes both functional and purposeful. With a sustainability focus and integrated technology, the possibilities are limitless, and the advancements are imminent and expediting. 


Nimble® leads with their mission: tech for good. Ethical technology, made from sustainable materials is their commitment-in-action. A premium tech alternative, Nimble® cuts zero corners with quality design and a sustainability focus. Inspired by preservation, their promise is this – plastic-free packaging, carbon-neutral products, free e-waste recycling, ethical suppliers, and sustainable materials. ALL of the tech excellence. None of the compromise. It’s like eco magic.

fill it forward

Inspiring the world to reuse by creating interactive technologies, global giving initiatives, and reusable products – Fill it Forward is on a mission. With their fully customizable options ranging from the classic Cupanion® Water Bottle to the Reusable Tote, Fill it Forward’s interactive reusable products are eco-focused gems. Enhance your brand with any item option, and use the exclusive Fill it Forward app to track your environmental and social impact. Drink your water and do good by joining their mission to reuse and help create a sustainable future for our planet.

The MiiR Olympus Collection

From laptop backpacks to sleek tech organizers, the MiiR® Olympus Collection now includes scannable QR codes to see the entire journey of the sustainable materials used in the process of each item’s manufacturing. How does this work? The AWARE™ exterior is the world’s first hybrid (physical tracer + public blockchain) traceability technology delivering an indisputable way to track and validate textile impact from origin to consumer. In addition to B Corp and Climate Neutral certifications, all of the innovative bags in the Olympus Collection are built with recycled materials containing AWARE™’s state-of-the-art technology.

Additional Tech-Infused Products

When tech-infused products and eco-friendly brands conjoin, the mission becomes both functional and purposeful. With a sustainability focus and integrated technology, the possibilities are limitless, and the advancements are imminent and expediting. 

Moleskine smart writing set

Enter the most powerful Molekskine® yet. The legendary maker of all things office luxe has taken the trending technology cue with the creation of their unparalleled Smart Writing Set – a tech-enhanced writing experience that offers instant access and digital copies of every handwritten page. Noted.

ember temperature control mug

Designed to be used on the go, the newest edition Ember Travel Mug does more than keep your coffee hot; the smart heated travel mug allows you to set your preferred drinking temperature so you can enjoy your beverage just the way you like it. The built-in battery maintains your chosen drinking temperature for up to 3 hours, or all day with the included charging coaster. And now, you can easily locate your Ember Travel Mug with the Apple® Find My app. Good ole’ Apple covered all the bases with this tech-infused product favorite.

mobiscribe wave

Keep your ideas flowing with the NEW MobiScribe WAVE –  Bluetooth®-enabled, IPX7 Waterproof certified, with built-in speakers. If digital notetaking could become easier, it just did. Better than paper or standard tablets, the WAVE e-ink notebook works everywhere. Say so long to worries of spillage with the creative’s favorite travel companion. Idea flow for the future. Yes, please. 


Stay Courant with elevated technology. Superior in quality and speed, Courant products are redefining the charging experience with their beautiful cutting-edge design and luxurious materials. A prime example is their MAG 2: Essentials Dual Magnetic Charger. This is the perfect accessory for any iPhone and AirPods user. Magnetically snap your iPhone on the charging stand and place your wireless charging AirPods on the base. Keep life simple with stunning wireless technology, perfected.

Technology’s infusion into daily, wearable products has taken charge as a foremost trend. 2023 has seen no shortage of all things technology and its seamless incorporation into what was once considered ordinary. From soft invisibly smart wearables to future-focused sustainable forerunners, the tech-infused trend is only getting started and continues to grow distinguishably with each new digitally enhanced product release.