Jan 30

Trend Forecast 2023

After attending the 2023 PPAI Expo, we spent time digesting our findings. We collaborated with one another to share stories from the show floor and to align on the major trends. Our team is educated and informed on what’s new this year, and we are reenergized to use this information on awesome products. Scroll on to view our trend forecast for 2023.

Technology continues to be a major trend across the industry. Tech products continue to develop in new and exciting ways, and this year we also noted the infusion of technology into soft goods.

Wellness continues to be a top of mind trend, however new for this year is a focus on luxe materials applied to self care products.


Global sustainability progress and the mindful care of our planet is a continued priority and trend. Most notable were coffee ground infused shirting, journals made from recycled vinyls, 100% plastic free packaging and give back programs.


The TikTok craze is having a major moment of impact in 2023, influencing everyone from Gen Z to Millennials to have the most popular products that will enhance their life. From Stanleys to cloud slippers, the top TikTok products are here to stay.

Outdoor elements, including sherpa and puffer, are making their way to everyday products such as hats, purses, and drinkware. Nature inspired prints such as marble and wood are also gaining traction.

Craving the comfort of the past, 90s influences are making their way into modern products. Oversized silhouettes, bold colors + color blocking and are just a few influences from the times that we are seeing resurface.

With a focus of wellness being top of mind, products that support a happy and healthy life are gaining popularity. The rise of remote work is here to stay, and products that support a hybrid and adventurous lifestyle are gaining popularity.

Since live events are back in full swing in 2023, we’re seeing an increase in live, on demand, interactive promo items.

Tone on tone decoration provides a subtle way to display a logo or brand name, while providing an elevated feel. The focus is on neutrals and dusted pastels.