Highlights from PPAI 2024

: We have returned from the PPAI Expo, the largest promotional products industry trade show in North America, and we’re bursting with inspiration to share. The show floor was a melting pot of innovation, creativity, and sustainability, offering a glimpse into the exciting trends shaping the industry in 2024. Here are our top picks and […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Tech Infusion

From activity trackers to wellness wearables, the booming tech-infusion trend is ubiquitous and fortunately, style and personalization have not been missed. Innovative brands are staying ahead by keeping tech-infused gear fashionable and invisibly smart. Elevate your products with technology and watch your clients’ experience come alive. Wearable tech, app integration, and sustainable technology that gives […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Outdoor Elements

In a world where technology often occupies our lives, there is an amplified thirst to be outside, amongst the trees, enjoying fresh air and sunshine. People are seeking opportunities to connect in nature, finding inspiration away from the screen, in the great outdoors; an inclination that has stylistically made its way into mainstream attire and […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Viral Influences

In the age of social media, viral trends and influencers have taken the world by storm, and platforms like TikTok have emerged as the epicenter of it all. If you’re looking to follow suit and tap into the power of viral products, this is your ultimate guide. Explore must-have items, from the iconic Stanley Cup […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Neutrals & Dusted Pastels

As our world continues to move past the pandemic and we re engage with that which matters most, we return to finding our personal ways of stylistic expression. With that, our choice of apparel has become an essential communication tool; especially as it relates to COLOR. Color serves as a compelling symbol for self-expression, telling […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Interactive Promo

Live events are back in full swing in 2023, and with them comes an increased demand for interactive, on-demand promotional items. People are eager to get back to live experiences and connect with others in meaningful ways. This desire for interaction has led to a new way of promoting brands and products at events.   […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Hybrid Living

In today’s world, where the focus on wellness has become a top priority, products that support a happy and healthy life are gaining significant popularity. With remote work becoming a permanent part of our lifestyle, people are searching for products that can support their hybrid and adventurous way of living. The rise of the hybrid […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Streetwear/90s Nostalgia

As we move into 2023, it is apparent we are still craving the comfort of the past. One era that continues to influence modern products and fashion trends is the 1990s. The 90s were a time of unique and memorable materials and products, many of which have become nostalgic items for those who grew up […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Good for the Planet

The promotional products industry is not often an industry that is thought of as being environmentally friendly. In fact, there were a few articles that have surfaced in the past that pointed out how harmful meaningless tchotchkes and giveaways are, leading to the “brand-fill.” At Whitestone, we recognize the damage that unthoughtful, useless swag items […]

Trend Forecast 2023: Luxe Wellness

Wellness has been a top of mind trend for several years, and it’s only expected to bloom in 2023. Throughout the pandemic, consumers reevaluated their mental and physical wellbeing and now place wellness as a top priority. Brands now have a part to play to help people access wellness. Consumers are searching for products that […]